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Board and card games used to be for adults - Chess, Go, Shogi. Today, most mass-produced board games are primarily dumb and require no more brain than the average 3-6 year old can wield. Games like Sorry. Trouble. Monopoly. Board games in the modern world are considered "for children" ... and they are.

But there are new games being produced. These games of ours, designer games produced in Europe and America by smaller game companies, are games for adults. These games are worth spending time on. They are serious, they are intelligent, they are educational, and they belong to the proper realm of adults. They stand against any other adult recreational activity - from television to computers to movies to newpapers to drinking beer. I believe they are a much more respectable use of your time.

The games are generally multiplayer, some randomness but little or no luck, no player elimination, engaging even when it's not your turn, beautifully crafted, interesting and unusual mechanics, not overtly confrontational, richly themed, and lots of fun.

Good riddance to the last century's board game world, and welcome to the new one.

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