6 Nimmt

Each player is given one token to use during the game (or, if you're into heavy drinking, each time they collect cards). The token may be used once at the appropriate time and discarded.

Appropriate times:



Unformed ideas:

Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers

Give each player one bridge token, a piece the size of half a matchstick. Color is unimportant.

In place of placing a meeple, a player may place his/her bridge token such that it lies over a waterway. The two meadows are considered one.

The bridge token does two things: 1) it makes it slightly easier to break into others meadows, and creates situations that require much deviousness and guile. 2) it makes the least interesting peieces on the game, namely those with two river sides and nothing else, more interesting.


As a side note, another variant we play is that the sacred stone is worth 2 meeple points in a field. We find the game to be pretty dull when one player's lucky pick just ends the game right then and there, especially true in 3 player games.


Goa is a great new game about colonizing and spice shipping by Roger Dorn. Unfortunately it has a few problems: In the best games, the luck element will not overshadow the strategy unless the game is short and meant to be played many times in a row (such as Backgammon).

The strategic object of Goa is to acquire more actions than your opponents. Good play will gain you 1/3 to 1/2 an action over your opponents in each of eight rounds. Unfortunately, the luck elements: founding a colony by flipping cards and pulling expedition cards to gain bonuses result in gains or losses of far more than an action, can wipe out many turns of good play. If that is the type of thing you like, read no further.

I have tried small changes to fix Goa, but they don't seem to be helping.

First attempts at solutions

This change works well and is correct (and the original rule, according to Roger Dorn).

Problems Remaining


Other very radical ideas

Princes of Florence

For 4 players or 5 players, remove the last unbought profession card.

For 3 players, remove University, Theater and Chapel, and the profession cards dealing with them. Play with 2 of each building. Play with 5 Jesters. When bidding, treat all landscapes as a single unit, the winner of which gets to build one of them.

PR style buildings for PoF

SIZE (Cost/Cost with 1 Builder, PP bonus, num available)

1 square (300/100 Fl, 1 PP, 2)-

2 squares (500/200 Fl, 2 PP, 2) - 4 squares (700/300 Fl, 4 PP, 1) 6 squares (800/400 Fl, 6 PP, 1)


Nadine's Jewish version of Ra, called "Lo Ra":

Scored after each of three Yovels:

Scored at the end of the game: Copyright 2004, Nadine Wildmann